Traackr Provides Data for Vendor Relationships

Traackr, the pioneer in influence identification and measurement, announced an integration with leading social media management application, Engage121, strengthening its commitment to begin sharing valuable influencer data with other applications, making it more widely available to the public. 

A critical element of Traackr's approach from very early on was to never be the one social media application that tried to appease every possible need for managing a social media campaign. Instead of trying to build a platform that did a little bit of everything, from social media monitoring to social CRM, maintaining a tight focus on influencer search made it easy for partners and customers to integrate Traackr's influencer data with a solution that catered to their business.

"We have always said that finding, analyzing, monitoring and engaging influencers is hard work. It can yield amazing results as many of our clients have proven time and time again, but it takes effort, craft, and, yes, the right toolset," said Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr. "We have never sold Traackr as the Holy Grail to our clients; our promise has been to be the best platform on the market to accompany their efforts towards high-yield, high-return communication programs with influencers."

As the influence space continues to heat up and gain more traction, Traackr continues to maintain its beliefs fueled by deep knowledge and understanding of the influence space. It has always aimed to provide its clients and vendors with realistic goals and access to the best data on the Web. This partnership with Engage121 reflects that with its addition of not only Traackr's data, but other great additional social media support applications that provide a well-rounded value set to their clients.

"The approach of focusing on one thing, and doing a really good job of it has paid off in more ways than we could have hoped," said Derek Skaletsky, VP of Business Development, Traackr. "For one thing, it has given us a sense of focus that enabled us to leap ahead of anyone else on our core expertise of influencer discovery. But maybe even more importantly, this approach has enabled our partners and customers to be creative in ways we never expected."

By enabling partners and vendors to exploit the value of data generated by Traackr and build synergetic ensembles of data, it has revealed new pockets of value that would not have been identified otherwise. Traackr is excited about the integration with Engage121 and to see its search technology more readily available to the retail market. 

Traackr expects to begin working with more vendors, continuing to expand their reach by making data available to a much wider audience. As more partnerships are leveraged, the expertise of business partners will likely make Traackr a part of many use cases on how to create value from influencer and expert search.