Remembering Our Past: The Four Guilds of Trackers Northwest

Too often in our hectic, modern, technology-driven lives, we forget how we got to where we are today and from where we originated. To get back in touch with the land and our communities, Trackers Northwest has created four guilds that offer students a unique way to reconnect and participate with our history, while inspiring a sustainable future.

Rangers master classic hunting and scouting techniques such as wilderness survival and animal tracking. Rangers do not live off the land; they live with it and act as the eyes and ears of the community in the surrounding natural landscape.

Wilders act as village caretakers and work to restore and remediate the land a community lives on. Balancing the needs of the community with the health of the land, Wilders help foster growth between the two. Understanding local animals, plants, and fungi are part of the Wilder’s skill set.

Mariners harness the power of rivers and seas to connect our world in a sustainable way. They rely on engineering to build boats; they also must master navigation and the use of natural energy from the wind and water.

Artisans connect the community through theater, crafts, and other arts. They are storytellers. By reminding us of our past, Artisans are able to help us draw connections between the land and our communities.