Trackers Northwest

Trackers Northwest in Portland, Oregon offers an educational experience for everyone.

Dedicated to helping adults and children learn about themselves and the roles they can undertake in their communities, Trackers Northwest offers programs that focus on individual accomplishments and talents. With facilities in California and Oregon, the organization utilizes a broad range of outdoor course opportunities including wilderness survival, homesteading crafts, and environmental education training. In addition, Trackers Northwest created a One-Year Program in which individuals or families can spend as many as three weekends each month at its 40-acre homestead in the Pacific Northwest near Portland.

The Trackers Northwest’s one-year program teaches students the skills employed by many of the pioneers that settled the American frontiers. Recognizing that these people generally fell into the category of hunter or farmer, the organization developed curricula that allow people to master the tasks that would have helped them thrive in one of these roles. In choosing to join the Wilders Guild, students learn about the cultivation and use of wild plants, gardening, building with natural materials, and animal husbandry. The Rangers Guild promotes such expertise as animal tracking, survival with primitive technology, and outdoor lore. Other guilds include the Mariners and the Artisans.

Licensed and bonded by the State of Oregon, Trackers Northwest maintains high standards for safety and participation. The group also makes scholarships available to students in need, especially those who hope to become outdoor educators in the future. Compassion and encouragement permeate every component in the Trackers program so that students reach their full potential while also gaining in confidence.

To learn more about Trackers Northwest or to join the organization’s after-school activities in Portland, Oregon, call (503) 345-3312.