FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor Now Compatible with TrainingPeaks the First to Provide In-Depth Analysis for Swimming, Biking and Running in One Source

Lafayette, CO-TrainingPeaksT, the leading software program used by endurance coaches and athletes to monitor, analyze and plan fitness and nutrition announces their partnership with FINIST and the recently released Swimsense Swim Performance Monitor. The FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor tracks stroke types, records the number of laps swum, total distance, stroke rate, SWOLF score, calories burned, lap time, pace, stroke count, distance per stroke and allows users to monitor their workouts over time. TrainingPeaksT, developed by Peaksware, LLC, is the first training software to aggregate running, biking, nutrition, and now swimming data collected from a monitoring device in one place. Now with this strategic partnership, users can automatically download and aggregate training data from their Swimsense performance monitor and analyze it in, the easy to use online platform.

"The addition of swim workout data recorded using training devices like the Swimsense Performance Monitor increases the training value for athletes and coaches seeking to analyze workouts from multiple sports," stated Gear Fisher, CEO of Peaksware. "With, swimmers and triathletes now have the ability to quantify a swim specific Training Stress Score (swimTSS) based on an individualized threshold pace for a given workout."

To learn how to sync your Swimsense data to a account visit the TrainingPeaks support center.