Dallas based AccessFares refuses to offer a booking engine to clients, preferring to provide a better class of service.

(TRAVPR.COM) USA - April 12th, 2012 - If you have ever spent time at the computer trying to find a good deal on airline tickets, you probably know only too well the limitations of booking engines. This is amplified even more so when trying to find discounted first or business class tickets. Want more of more for your next trip? Of course you do, but be prepared to pay for it royally if you purchase from an online booking engine. If you need to be in London, Frankfurt or Seoul next week how do you source the lowest possible first or business class pricing while being intelligently advised on the difference between multiple carrier's amenities, routes and schedules?

Good luck trying to extract that from an online booking engine. Expect to pay even more for upfront travel with little advance purchase time and with essentially no guidance or insights as to which carrier will deliver the most for your upfront travel buck. This is precisely why savvy travel agents and frequent flyers have premium air travel specialist AccessFares do the legwork for them. Like a great doctor or attorney, with AccessFares on speed dial you will travel well, for less, even at a moment's notice.

Steer Clear Of Booking Engines When Looking For First + Business Class Air

"There is no way we will ever slap a booking engine on our website, that would be doing our clients a serious disservice. You can shoot us a Fast Quote fare request through our website or call us. We don't even use an automated phone system; real live agents pick up our phones to provide instant service. “says John George, Managing Partner of AccessFares.

Unlike placing your money and trust with an online booking engine, AccessFares' old school ticketing agents can navigate the best route to your destination at the lowest pricing and importantly, are available after purchase or during a trip if assistance is needed.

The AccessFares' Challenge to Travel Agents, Frequent Flyers and Travel Writers

Another compelling reason to avoid booking engines and purchase from AccessFares, is their extensive knowledge of premium air travel's wide ranging products and perks. Ever been disappointed to end up in the older style herringbone seats when you were looking forward to a fully flat bed? Which carriers provide pajamas, duvet and turndown service? Which seats are best avoided and which ones are snagged first? Know before you go is always a good rule of thumb in travel, but again, good luck trying to extract precise, detailed information out of a booking engine or even the carriers themselves, after you reach their offshore call centers.

John George of AccessFares doesn't beat about the bush on where his loyalties reside.

"We do not work for the airlines, period. We're highly skilled at finding our way around the fast changing, complex fare systems built by the airlines to serve the airlines' bottom line. We're here to serve our clients, which is precisely why we do not have a booking engine on our website. To ensure our clients pay bottom dollar for the very best premium travel experience starts with the planning of the trip, not just when they turn left onboard an aircraft. We challenge anyone to test fly our services against the major online distribution channels, I know we will provide a better class of service, for less." notes George.

Old School, Bespoke Pricing Rules Over Cookie Cutter Fares and Routes

Beyond price, which can fluctuate widely depending on where you choose to purchase your first or business class air tickets, the true value of working with AccessFares is your best interests are front and center on their computer screens. Leave the heavy lifting to professionals who are well versed in navigating complex premium air travel pricing and carriers who want you to pay substantially more than any reasonable person should via major online websites.

To learn more about AccessFares' discounted first + business class customized pricing to most international destinations, visit www.AccessFares.com, where happily, you will not find a booking engine. Or pick up the phone and call. Remarkably, a real person will say hello to you. Old school for sure and there is a lot right with that.

AccessFares is North America's leading resource for premium air travel offering full client services with deeply discounted international first + business class tickets to both travel industry partners and consumers. AccessFares specializes in contracted bulk rates + discounted published air fares. AccessFares is not a mileage broker.

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