allseven24 After-Hours Service Now 100% Independently Owned

(TRAVPR.COM) UK - July 24th, 2012 - Premier after hours TMC support service allseven24 has become fully independent now silent partner Peter Reglar - a well-known figure in the travel industry - has sold his 50% holding in the business to managing director Phill Spokes.

The company, which has been run by Spokes since 2007, has grown at more than 20% for the last 3 years, from assisting just 23 TMC’s in 2009 to now providing out of hours support to 53 TMCs in the UK, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland.

Phill Spokes explains “ Peter and I have had a fantastic five years as partners and we will continue to be great friends. Now that we are 100% independently owned we are in full control of our destiny and aim to build on our success so far. “

Peter Reglar adds; “allseven24 now manages the majority share of the out of hours call market as a direct result of their dedication to high quality customer service. I wish Phill and his team all the very best for their future growth.”

Twenty UK based allseven24 consultants provide travel management companies with a seamless extension to their daytime operations meaning they can confidently offer their customers VIP level assistance whenever it’s needed.

Already the UK’s market leader, the company plans to add scale and breadth of offering to TMC clients both in the UK and beyond.

For more information please visit www.allseven24.com

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Contact Name:  Phill Spokes, Managing Director, allseven24 - allseven24
Phone #:  0845 386 7247
Email:  info@allseven24.com
Web:  www.allseven24.com