The upcoming Central Asia Rally offers a unique opportunity for adventure travelers to explore a part of the world that remains unchanged.

(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA - December 7th, 2011 - May 26th, 2012 marks the kick-off of the Central Asia Rally, the latest escapade from notorious adventure travel company The Travel Scientists. From Hungary to Tajikistan and all points in between – including Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Silk Road, and the Pamir Highway – participants will be treated to a whirl of stunning vistas, remarkable cultures, and raucous parties. The course is over 7,500 kilometers long and will take 18 days to complete.

Event organizer Aravind Bremanandam, a veteran of similar races in locations around the world, promises an adventure like no other. “The Central Asia Rally is basically managed mayhem that is part road rally, part adventure travel, part social experiment, part gateway into the unknown, part high-octane party.” What type of traveler do they cater to? “It's not for everyone,” Bremanandam says, “but it is for anyone who wants to step outside the bland boundaries of modern travel and share an experience that is unique, thrilling, and unforgettable. We build a community of like-minded thrill-seekers and set them loose on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Though billed as a rally, the event is not for professionals. Participants come from all walks of life and can choose from three formats. The 'Competition' category is the most popular and includes a timed component along with additional daily challenges. The 'Touring' category removes the clock and allows participants to compete at their own pace. The 'Extreme' category is for the most daring racers and demands that they compete in a unique vehicle: a rust bucket from the '70s, decommissioned ambulance, hearse, or similar.

The event is billed as 'minimal assistance.' Organizers provide help and expertise with necessary documentation, rally preparation, and route planning (and are usually first to welcome racers to each evening's lively festivities) – it is up to the racers to decide their exact route and get themselves from start to finish each day. Therein lies the fun: participants share goals and destinations, but each journey is unique. The epic stories that result are a highlight of the group celebrations that close each day's travel.

The Central Asia Rally also includes a charity component, continuing a tradition in which The Travel Scientists give back to the communities they visit. For this event, they have chosen an isolated village deep in the Pamir Mountains; participants are encouraged to meet the villagers, learn more about the challenges they face, and contribute time and money to help alleviate suffering.

The Travel Scientists were founded five years ago to promote adventure travel through some of the world's most exciting locales. Founders Attila, Gábor, and Aravind carefully design events for a growing legion of adventure travel enthusiasts who want to share unique experiences that recall the glory days of exploration.

The Travel Scientists have sponsored races in exotic locations across the globe, including the 'Rickshaw Challenge' (Southern India during monsoon season), 'Caucasian Challenge' (through former war zones in Eastern Europe to current ones in the Caucasus), and the 'Trans-Sahara Run' (from the Med to the Atlantic across the world's most forbidding desert).

Aravind Bremanandam
The Travel Scientists

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