Bologna food tours are a new trend in the travel industry and Emilia Delizia is leading this new wave of tourism

(TRAVPR.COM) ITALY - May 25th, 2012 - When it comes to unique travel experiences a company named Emilia Delizia does not have rivals. They seem to be the only company around to offer a unique way to travel. In fact travellers who book with them will be taken on a parmesan cheese tour, and it does not end here. The tour will continue with another gourmet visit in Modena: traditional balsamic vinegar plus a final stop on the Parma hills with a visit with lunch at a producer of Parma ham.

The company named this Bologna food tour: three gourmet food in one day, Bologna, Modena and Parma seem to have attracted in the last few years this type of tourism and it is not surprise since many of these famous foods are made in the region. Emilia Delizia seized momentum and decided to launch a tailor made gourmet tour to take these foodie travellers around the beautiful Emilia Romagna country side for a unique and new experience that has never been available before.

The company claims that it has been an instant success, a spokesman revealed that since the launch of the website, tourists started to call and email requiring the tour. The experience is fully customisable, clients can require to have a chauffeur to be picked up from their hotel in Bologna, Modena or Parma. However the company recently added the possibility for the client to self-drive, an added bonus for those who don’t want to pay for a driver. Furthermore since April 2012 Emilia Delizia also added the possibility to combine the tour with other products such as Culatello (a kind of ham), or Wine tours in italy.

If this wasn’t enough for those not interested in food Emilia Delizia decided to go ahead and propose a supercar factory tour. Tourists spending their holidays in Modena or Bologna can be taken for a Lamborghini factory tour, with the possibility of driving a Ferrari for 10 or 20 minutes.

It seems that this tour company is really setting the standard for those interested in a new and innovative way to travel, and for those travelling to Bologna this summer there are a lot new exciting surprises for them.

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