Malagacar.com is characterised by great reviews from satisfied clients every year, a car hire company in Malaga.

(TRAVPR.COM) SPAIN - July 3rd, 2012 - Ready for a good start to the summer, the website is now launching special discounts via newsletter a new discount voucher code "HELLOFAN", for fans on Facebook. If one was to plan a visit to the Costa del Sol this summer, the first thing to do is to check out the prices on the website. Plus, all future discounts can also be accessed through Google +, Twitter and Facebook.

Malagacar.com is characterised by great reviews from satisfied clients every year, a car hire company in Malaga that improve year after year and continuously aim to offer innovations, not only in their service, but also in discounts for all those followers on all the most well-known social networks.

Amongst this year's offers there's a Fiat 500 Cabrio, or similar, and the Seat Leon. The Fiat is recommended for all of those who like to soak up the sun whilst driving and enjoy the fantastic climate that characterises the Costa del Sol, while the Seat Leon, on the other hand, is recommended for those that want to enjoy the comfort of a good vehicle at a very economic price.

It’s important to book with plenty of time head, for accommodation as well as transport, and Malagacar.com is distinguished from other websites thanks to their service of online reservation without the need of a credit card and no cancellation fees. Plus, as from this summer they are now offering car hire at Malaga train station and at the Malaga seaport for those who reach Malaga by cruise.

The tourists that have already visited the Costa del Sol, know that its main touristic centres are not exactly near one another. Plus, a vehicle provides the freedom to visit Malaga's most recommended and famous places, such as Ronda, Nerja and Puerto Banus in Marbella, as well discovering other parts of Andalusia that could not be possible any other way.

This summer, those tourists that plan to visit Malaga by train, on a cruise ship or by plane, have the chance to explore and discover great part of the province and Andalusia due to the low prices of car rentals. Andalusia has several natural areas, whether they're inland or down by the sea with top-quality beaches all along the southern coast, as well as monuments and architectonic remains of its past...a trip that no visitor will ever forget and with routes by car offering a beautiful scenery.

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