A wine-tasting tour that's fizzing with interest.

(TRAVPR.COM) UK - August 2nd, 2012 - France’s Champagne region is less well known than its famous export. Over 4th - 5th August 2012, a scenic tasting-tour will shed light on the places where this coveted sparkling wine is made, plus the rich history and detail behind its huge reputation.

The sparsely populated Champagne-Ardenne department is a beautiful mix of forest and undulating agricultural land, around large lakes, creating topography ideal for viniculture. The tours represent persuasive work by local winemakers to promote their much-copied products.

This year’s tour focuses on winemakers in the southern Côtes des Bar area, and offers a complete learning and tasting experience for budding connoisseurs, keen to distinguish between excellent and ordinaire.

The villages prepare carefully for the tours and are even decorated with flowers. The hoteliers are accustomed to high expectations of international visitors; nothing detracts from the pure pleasure of sampling famous, peerless wines, at source.

The village of Urville is home to Drappier Champagne, rich and smooth with a buttery palate and delicate lemon acidity. It feels fabulously exclusive to relax and enjoy a glass, gazing over the very slopes where the vines responsible occupy every square meter.

Nearby in Baroville, Philippe Fourrier Champagne shows its pure Pinot fruit and the mineral-undertone of the maison; characteristics are distinct and memorable as you get to know each of seven locales in turn, before moving on.

The tours scrutinize different corners of the region each year, so over time it’s easy to gain real familiarity with the origins of many of the world’s most prestigious wines. There are also worthwhile savings to be made for those wanting to purchase a case or two.

Quality Villas France offer a range of luxury holiday accommodation in the area for anyone planning on participating in the event this year.

More information about the Champaign Route can be found at http://www.champagne-ardenne-tourism.co.uk/champagne/default.aspx.

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