Deal Zippy (http://www.dealzippy.co.uk), the UK's largest aggregator of travel deals from daily deal sites.

(TRAVPR.COM) UK - June 20th, 2012 - Deal Zippy, the UK’s largest aggregator of travel deals from daily deal sites, which allows customers to instantly see every deal offered by every major UK travel deal site, today announced a major redesign of its website.

Deal Zippy, which launched in the UK in May 2011 has over 50,000 unique visitors to its website every month and has seen rapid growth in its number of subscribers since launch and most notable in the past 6 months. The redesign represents a shift in the daily deals market towards an increased focus on travel deals and online shopping which now represent a significant share of the deals market in the UK.

Deal Zippy co-founder Dexter Grima said; “Although local city deals remain integral to the Deal Zippy service, the market has undoubtedly shifted in the last year and we wanted to reflect this in the redesign. Travel deals are now front and centre on the new site to reflect their increased importance in the marketplace and the huge volume of these sort of deals we have available.”

Mobile optimised

The new site boasts a cutting edge, modern design optimised for all screen sizes to reflect the increasing number of shoppers looking for deals on mobile devices and tablets. 20% of Deal Zippy traffic now comes from mobile devices and 70% of this traffic is from Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s so getting the user experience right for these users was one of the key objectives of the redesign as Co-founder Jason Grima explains;

“Unlike most travel booking sites which serve a stripped down alternate version of their site to mobile users, with the new Deal Zippy site every user gets the exact same browsing experience and functionality, whatever their device. Our design is just smart enough to adapt to the different screen sizes and serve an optimised version whether you’re on a smart phone, tablet , TV or PC. We hope this will make for a more consistent user experience for our customers, many of whom we know regularly access the site on multiple devices, often several times a day.”

More deals mean more choice

Deal Zippy now works with over 30 UK deal sites offering travel and local city deals, more than any other aggregator, meaning customers are more likely to find a package holiday, hotel or local deal they like on dealzippy.co.uk than on any other site. On average Deal Zippy has over 200 travel deals available to purchase at any time.

For further information, quotes or interview requests please contact press@dealzippy.co.uk or call 0208 123 4848.

About Deal Zippy

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