Two Leaves and a Bud Introduces New Biodegradable Packaging


BASALT, Colorado (August 2, 2011) - Protecting the planet is important to two leaves and a bud, and the company is pleased to announce new eco-friendly sleeves - the protective plastic covering that surrounds the company's already biodegradable pyramid-style sachets.

According to the Tea Association of the United States, Americans consumed approximately 3 billion gallons of tea last year, 65% of which came from tea bags. If the average cuppa' tea is about 14 ounces and uses 1 tea bag, then quick math tells us that tea drinkers across the states used approximately 17.8 billion tea bags last year alone. Imagine if all of those bags and their packaging wound up in landfills.

"Most tea drinkers are very concerned about the environment and are very aware of how their daily habits impact the planet," said Richard Rosenfeld, Founder and CEO. "We heard from many of our customers that they loved our biodegradable sachets but felt the protective sleeves negated our efforts to be environmentally compassionate. So, we investigated a few options and were able to find an amazing product that has the same look and feel of our existing sleeves - but are now biodegradable."

The new biodegradable sleeves are made with ReverteT. ReverteT is an innovative product line of resin additives used globally to degrade plastics and is commonly used in consumer packaging, such as food packaging and bags. Plastics incorporating ReverteT will ultimately oxo-biodegrade into CO2, H20, and biomass when properly discarded.

ReverteT additives comply with FDA and EC Food Contact regulations and are harmless to humans, animals, and plant life and are non-toxic, leaving no known harmful residues in the soil or waste streams.

The plastic ReverteT sleeve serves as a protective covering for the tea sachets, which are made of a biodegradable, corn-based nylon. The sleeve not only helps to keep the tea fresh and flavorful, but also allows tea lovers to take their favorite tea with them when they're on the go.

"Our recent Non-GMO Project verification and the addition of biodegradable sleeves are just part of our commitment to helping two leaves and a bud tea lovers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also protecting the environment," said Rosenfeld.

About two leaves and a bud tea co.
Two leaves and a bud tea company ( is a tea company based in Basalt, Colorado, specializing in whole leaf, craft tea. The company was founded in 2005 by Richard Rosenfeld, an entrepreneur who traveled the world for business, only to become frustrated at being able to find a quality cuppa' tea at home. Two leaves and a bud travels to tea gardens around the world to interact with farmers, taste the best they have to offer, and provide premium tea that tastes like it was plucked and steeped directly at the gardens. The company is named for the essence of great tea - the top two leaves and a bud of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. For more information about the tea company and their variety of black, green, white, and herbal teas, visit