Rick Howard is Universal Accounting Center's Senior Marketing Coach

Rick's Hands-on Experience Make Him a Valuable Coach and Mentor

Rick Howard worked in retail sales and management for 11 years before coming to Universal Accounting Center (UAC) . His hands-on experience in marketing made him a valuable addition to UAC's team as the senior marketing coach. In this capacity, Rick works with students one-on-one to help them develop marketing plans so they can establish thriving businesses.

Rick has also been involved with the Master Coaching program which allows for more intensive student mentoring over a 12-week period during which time students set and achieve goals, complete special assignments, and roll play presentations and networking. Rick explains, "I enjoy when students see success from their hard work. .Universal students are all people just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. It's gratifying when we can help them achieve that."

Rick's open honest communication has helped him develop trusting relationships with each of the coaching students he has mentored. His clear understanding of Universal's marketing methods, mixed with his natural ability to teach and strong sense of humor make him one of the top coaches in the program.

Heather Weiler, who recently completed the Master Coaching program, had a great experience working with Rick. She says, "Rick always called promptly, and it was always pleasant to speak with him. Our sessions felt more like a conversation with an old friend who really wanted to help my business to succeed, rather than being run through a checklist of `to-do's' by some executive who clearly didn't want to be stuck dealing with such small-scale business."

Imogene also successfully completed the Master Coaching program with Rick. In a thank-you email, she wrote: "Rick, your personal business insight was refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciated when you challenged the status quo and guided me down new directions that I feared and hadn't thought of. It was evident how passionate you were about what you do, from every phone meeting, email or follow-up. You are very knowledgeable, reliable, caring and customer-oriented."

Rick thoroughly enjoys working at Universal and the people he's able to associate with there. He says, "From the get go the people at UA have been great. I've always felt like I'm thought of and that my ideas and opinions matter."

Rick, the middle of 5 children, was born in Wilmington, NC but then moved to Utah with his family when he was five years old. However, a few years ago he was given the opportunity to move back, and UAC has allowed him to work remotely from North Carolina for the past three years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys sports, especially football, basketball and baseball.