AdON Network Promotes Film Annex's Afghan Development Project

AdON Network Promotes Film Annex's Afghan Development Project

AdOn Network is a premier online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising company that provides innovative contextual and audience based advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers and delivers high-quality traffic from U.S. and international sources. AdOn works closely with Film Annex, and it has headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.  AdOn Network President Bhaskar Ballapragada partnered with Film Annex for a 30-day online promotion of Film Annex's new initiative, the Afghan Development Project. AdON Network will be promoting the Afghan Development Project website on its platform. Film Annex is matching AdON's investment to provide further visibility and advertising revenues to the Afghan Development Web TV.

Here is a recent interview with Bhaskar about Film Annex's Afghan Development and GIVE Initiative.

The concept of the Film Annex Web TV is very simple and allows companies like AdON Network and Film Annex to make a difference by building schools in Afghanistan, creating awareness, and introducing the world of Social Media to the Afghan youth to defeat the lack of education and limited financial resources.

We are working on additional collaborations with other AdNetworks. Digital and social media operations like these satisfy both the Afghan youth's eagerness to learn and study and the commercial profitability of digital global companies like AdON Network and Film Annex.

The Afghan Development Project is a long term project created with the mission to introduce 160,000 Afghan children to the world wide web and a social media curriculum designed specifically for their needs.

Last week, Film Annex built its first internet classroom at Baghnazargah School in Herat, Afghanistan.