Altitude Digital Partners on "Building Schools in Afghanistan" with Film Annex

Altitude Digital Partners

Altitude Digital Partners (ADP) is a leader in yield management advertising technology empowers publishers such as to maximize their online revenue by optimizing their ad space, eliminating unnecessary ad operations costs. Altitude works with hundreds of the world's premier online publishers, providing a full scale Supply-Side-Platform for display and online-video advertising. On average, ADP increases publisher's revenue 30%-300%.

Yesterday, Altitude put out a press release titled:

"Altitude Digital Partners and Bring the Internet to Classrooms in Afghanistan"

The press release explains the following:

¦Inspired by the nature and scope of Film Annex's philanthropy work Jeremy Ostermiller's team at ADP was determined to become more involved
¦Altitude Digital is now providing financial backing for the Afghan Development Project.
¦Jeremy Ostermiller and Francesco Rulli share the vision of creating a self sustaining digital industry which can help support Afghanistan's education system and economy.
¦The Afghan Development Project began building Internet classrooms by consolidating efforts and relationships with organizations such as Cisco Systems, Afghan Citidel, the United Nations and companies similar to Altitude Digital. In only a few months, after a series of blogs and interviews, Film Annex had established the project among the international community. The progress can be seen firsthand on the Afghan Development WebTV channel.

In a recent video interview Altitude Digital Partners Jeremy Ostermiller explained the background and goals of Altitude Digital, and reflected on the power of digital media, social media, and online advertising to make a difference in the world. When asked if he thought online advertising could influence a digital cultural revolution, he responded:

"Absolutely. It's happening right now. I think it's a fantastic idea. Film Annex has the traffic, it has the eyeballs, it definitely has a different perspective than you see in the traditional media. So I'm excited to see Film Annex jump into this arena."

View his full interview below.