Celebrating the First Internet Classroom Built by Film Annex in Afghanistan

Internet Classroom Built by Film Annex in Afghanistan

The first Internet classroom built by Film Annex and Citadel in Baghnazargah School, Afghanistan is ready to welcome its first students! The construction was part of Film Annex's Afghan Development Project whose mission is to build schools in Afganistan and improve the country's economic situation. The entire construction and building process took less than 2 weeks, which shows that through strong partnerships and determination, anything is possible.

The Film Annex production team in Afghanistan documented the construction of the new classroom through videos. Film Annex provided the camera equipment used by the Afghanistan crew, and the footage was edited together here in New York. Perhaps the best part of this project is to be able to share all the steps and accomplishments instantly through the Film Annex platform and other social media networks. Even though we are an ocean away from our partners at Citadel and the students at Baghnazargah School, it feels like we are much closer. Take a look at some interviews with the Baghnazargah school teachers and students, where they talk about the future of education and technology in Afghanistan.

Film Annex has started construction at a new school this week, and we'll be soon uploading videos to share the construction process with you. This has been a truly rewarding experience so far, and I can't wait to see and hear the students' reaction when they see the new computers in their schools.

Eren Gulfidan