Earn Money with Film Annex's BuzzScore

Earn Money with Film Annex's BuzzScore

A couple weeks ago, we had introduced to you our new "influence measuring" tool, BuzzScore. Now, we're annoucing an even more exciting aspect of this tool: Depending on your BuzzScore and the quality of your blogs, the Film Annex team can hire you as a writer and editor contributing to The Annex Press. As a commissioned writer, your BuzzScore is indicative of how much you'll earn per blog post. For example, if your BuzzScore is 25, this mean you will get paid $25 per blog. If your BuzzScore is 10, you'll get $10 per blog, so on and so forth.

Have you seen the little green flag next to your name on your Film Annex profile? You know how it says BUZZ on there with a number attached to it? Well, that's your BuzzScore. We built this scoring system in order to create a connection between your content and social media platforms. Several weeks ago, our editors were the only ones with a BuzzScore, but now every user on Film Annex has one. In addition to guiding you to become more and more influential on the web and showing you how to keep track of your reach, the BuzzScore also brings some work opportunities to those of you with good writing skills.

For more information, visit the BuzzScore page and the BuzzScore blogs on our corporate site.


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