Goldman Sachs, Cisco, and Film Annex working with Afghanistan women

Goldman Sachs, Cisco, and Film Annex working with Afghanistan women

In an effort to promote other organizations working with and educating women in Afghanistan, Film Annex will begin to publicize these groups in Afghanistan.

There are two companies that are undoubtedly world's "thought leaders;" one is Cisco and the other is Goldman Sachs. From two separate but complimentary perspectives, both Cisco and Goldman Sachs look at medium and long term investments; they are wise and focus on infrastructure and revenues.

Francesco Rulli stated on his WebTV article:

Quietly, Cisco and Goldman Sachs created their own initiatives to support the Afghanistan educational system, and in particular, Goldman Sachs is focused on women's education and empowerment. Film Annex has taken a similar route independently. Instead of focusing on Universities, Film Annex is dedicated to support Primary, Secondary and High Schools in the area of Herat.

Film Annex's project is a parallel to
Cisco's concept of building Internet Classrooms in the schools and helping the students to have access to the global community of the World Wide Web. The tools provided allow the teachers in Afghanistan to access additional material, and international teachers and mentors to support Afghan children with new technologies and languages along the traditional Afghan studies curriculum.

Film Annex is providing Internet classrooms through the collaboration with Citadel, a digital company owned by Ms. Roya Mahboob and with over 50% female work force.

NATO defines Roya Mahboob's software company as "the most successful software company in Afghanistan"

Film Annex's focus is on working with Afghan women entrepreneurs and supporting Afghanistan women education. This complements the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women initiative.

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative is a program designed to provide business and management training to underserved female entrepreneurs worldwide. The program is currently active in over 20 countries and is operated by a network of more than 70 academic and non-profit partners. In Afghanistan, AUAF is the project’s in-country academic partner, assisted by the Thunderbird School of Global Management. This article by Jim Luce at The Huffington Post explains some of the goals and achievements of Goldman Sachs:

"Goldman Sachs Helps 10,000 Women, Including Orphanage Director Andeisha Farid"

These programs have helped shape the framework of Film Annex's Afghan Development Project. Francesco Rulli began to collaborate with Citadel's Roya Mahboob to establish Film Annex Afghanistan and create a web channel called the Afghan Development Web TV.

The film below was shot at the first school where Film Annex will begin to build out "Internet Classrooms in Herat, Afghanistan in the next few weeks: