GP Strategies: NERC Compliance and Training Services ($GPX)

GP Strategies: NERC Compliance and Training Services ($GPX)

To ensure system-wide reliability and achieve regulatory compliance, users and comprising entities of the bulk power system (BPS) need to adhere to numerous regulatory standards. As an outsider to the BPS, let’s become familiar with the system:

    * A BPS is a large, interconnected electrical system made up of generation and transmission facilities and their control systems. A BPS does not include facilities used in the local distribution of electric energy. If the BPS is disrupted, the effects are felt in more than one location.
    * The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), an institution that establishes and enforces reliability standards for the North American electrical grids, oversees BPSs in the United States. As the federally recognized Electric Reliability Organization (ERO), NERC creates annual and 10-year assessments for winter and summer forecasts; monitors the BPS; and educates, trains, and certifies industry personnel.

GP Strategies™ (NYSE: GPX) offers clients in the BPS market innovative solutions to manage and administer their NERC Compliance Administration Programs. The goal of this service is to integrate the program into an organization’s daily routines rather than placing compliance requirements as an additional layer to daily activities. GP Strategies understands the guidelines and standards required for compliance. Successful implementation helped our clients manage change in their organization to make NERC compliance easy. Using GP Strategies’ deep domain expertise, a client’s existing compliance processes and records are organized on to a comprehensive web-based platform. Preparation for audits is simplified through enhanced automation, controls, and smart electronic forms. The service provides benefits such as:

    * Complete NERC compliance review
    * Client-specific procedure and documentation development
    * Instructor-led and web-based training programs designed to educate personnel on NERC compliance
    * NERC audit preparation and support that not only identify issues, but also deliver recommendations needed to close any identified regulatory gap
    * Management oversight review
    * Industry and regulatory updates to keep pace with new compliance regulations

Additionally, while other solution providers are retooling to help BPS users address a specific NERC reliability standard, PER-005 (System Personnel Training), GP Strategies is already successfully providing compliance services and has been since its inception over 20 years ago. GP Strategies’ custom training development solutions help clients boost reliability, improve operator performance, and comply with PER-005 through the following services:

    * Quick start assessment—a quick and affordable way to identify gaps in your current program as they pertain to PER-005 and develop a roadmap to compliance
    * Job and task analysis—providing a strong foundation for curriculum design
    * Compliant training program development—using a systematic approach that is customized to your processes, equipment, and culture
    * Continuing education for system operators—developed by a NERC-approved provider
    * Continual evaluation—performed annually to evaluate the program moving forward

Having a third-party assessment of your compliance program mitigates the chance of non-compliance during your NERC audit; non-compliance could lead to costly fines. Further, an assessment is only part of the complete process. If weaknesses or gaps are found, they need to be addressed quickly and appropriately. GP Strategies is one of the few training providers that employ compliance readiness experts and systems that are adept in both assessing your program and knowing the steps needed to remedy any issues that are identified. In addition, our deep understanding of NERC and the BPS not only helps achieve compliance, but also goes above and beyond to demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability.