GP Strategies on Global Performance Strategy and Leadership ($GPX)

GP Strategies on Global Performance Strategy and Leadership ($GPX)

"Global Performance Strategy" is defined in academic circles as an organization's strategic model for performing on a global basis. In a nutshell, international companies must now maximize performance in mutiple locations in the modern 24/7 world.

Mike Koper is the Senior Projects Specialist for RWD, a division of GP Strategies' Manufacturing group and has been a leader in the company for 15 years. As a certified Project Manager, he works to interface with GP Strategies' clients and their plants while establishing new and maintaining current training programs.

Koper wrote a very interesting story on the GP Strategies Blog:

He states:

As global teams work together, they collaborate on problem-solving tasks that lead to increased performance. The rate upon which the solution is attained is said to save time and money, now and in the future. Priorities by the global leader must be set and time must be managed to not only survive the challenge, but also to prosper as a functioning team unit. Through my experience, I have developed the following seven prompts to achieve a given task that include:

  1. Set the desired goal.
  2. Sketch out a timeline.
  3. Remember that time is money.
  4. Prevent against distractions.
  5. Collaborate with other global leaders.
  6. Pick your power performers.
  7. Consider that interaction can cause friction.