Judo battles versus Social Media battles - Francesco Rulli

Jude and Social Media

Last week, Francesco Rulli the CEO of Film Annex and I were in a meeting with a client and he relayed his thought process of how he uses "inbound marketing" and "social media strategies" in a similar way that he chooses his Judo matches, opponents, and tournaments.

His focus was:

"Choose the battles you can win."
So I started doing research for this story and I have to say that Rebecca Livermore did a really nice story on her focus which is very similar to our focus at "Your Buzz". Professional Content Creation is owned by Rebecca Livermore, a web content specialist. Rebecca has been a professional freelance writer since 1993. Although she got her start writing articles in print magazines, she has been a web content writer since 2006. She now prefers producing web content over print media. Rebecca uses a famous quote from Jonathan Kozel that states:

"Pick battle big enough to matter and small enough to win."

1. Choose your number one blogging and social media priority.
2. Pay attention to where your traffic is coming from.
3. Focus on growing in one social media area at a time.
4. Automate as much as possible.
5. Hire help.
Read Rebecca's full story on her Blog.