Your Buzz = Fundraising University

Your Buzz = Fundraising University

Your Buzz – The INBOUND Marketing platform

Creating an “inbound marketing” platform with Your Buzz draws in investors and it allows C.E.O.’s to start a successful investor negotiation from a position of strength rather than a position of weakness. Raising capital by calling investors for money puts the "investor" in control of the negotiation. Typically, this results in a lower valuation for your company.

Your Buzz: Positioning Your Company With Investors

Film Annex Capital Partners’ Your Buzz provides the exposure, quantification, and documentation to prospective investors and partners. Like no other platform, Your Buzz enlists selected features and capabilities of new media supplemented by traditional media and personal relationship’s to achieve the goals of increased awareness and investor participation for its customers.

When companies seek to raise capital from investors, they often wait till the last minute, and this puts the management team in a difficult position. Last week, a C.E.O. vented to us about a change in his industry, and he stated, “I have been saying that this change was coming for a year now!”

The C.E.O. had no blog, no Facebook, no Twitter, NO PLATFORM to allow people to listen to his “Thought Leadership”. In the new world, Your Buzz allows these conversations and thought leadership positions to be documented for stakeholders, stockholders, and potential investors. It builds on itself and it creates credibility and transparency. The principals and partners of Film Annex Capital Partners have years of capital market experience and they are leading the transformation of the fund raising experience for clients and investors.