A Mother's Legacy, a Daughter's Mission: Coral's Cosmetics Relaunch Pays Tribute to a Family Business in Beauty

Coral's Cosmetics is set open its virtual doors at the end of April 2012, bringing back its tailored foundations, powders, and shadows.

 (Southaven, Mississippi, April 3, 2012)-On April 26, 2012, Coral Harris-Thomas will step into her mother’s fashion-forward shoes and bravely re-launch Coral’s Cosmetics, a beauty line that her mother, Dr. Cora Barley Harris started over two decades ago.  The launch pays tribute to Cora’s lifetime in the beauty industry as well as pleases Coral’s Cosmetics many customers who have begged for the make-up line to return to the market.  The new, Coral’s Cosmetics is set open its virtual doors at the end of April 2012, bringing back its tailored foundations, powders, shadows, blushes, and polishes. “My mother always told me that anything worth having is worth working hard for and to not be afraid to try new things,” says Harris-Thomas. 

Dr. Cora Barley Harris started her journey in the cosmetic business in 1981 when she started Coral’s Beauty Bazaar which was three-room store that housed a beauty salon, make-up line, and hand-made hat shop prior to that she had a operated a fashion store and etiquette school for young girls. At the peak of the Jarvis via Coral’s Cosmetics line which evolved into Coral’s Cosmetics, Dr. Harris had 105 ladies in the sales force and had sales extending up and down the East Coast and Midwest.  Cora’s advanced degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Memphis State University helped to build the brand which became known for its moisturizing qualities. The entrepreneurial spirit that pulled at Cora’s heart began a generation before with her father who was a restaurateur.  Dr. Barley-Harris, who transitioned into full-time make-up mogul in 1985, was certainly in the business of building business owners and achieved lucrative sales from the line until her untimely death. Those examples pushed daughter, Coral Harris-Thomas to continue the line 19 months after the passing of her mother.  “I know the importance of the ideals my mother passed down and I want to carry it on for my daughter,” Coral states.

Coral’s Cosmetics is steeped in tradition but also knows the benefits of changing with the beauty industry.  So intent on blending the classic with the contemporary, Harris-Thomas is adding new colors and products under the name, Coral’s Contemporary as well as paying tribute to her mom with, Cora’s Classics which keeps with her mother’s beloved, classic colors.  As for the re-launch, Coral picked a very special date of April 26; her mother’s birthday.  The new site will launch along with the line at www.coralscosmetics.com.

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