Photo recovery

Denevi Digital Imaging

Denevi Digital Imaging has been in business since 1959. With decades of experience, Denevi knows how to preserve your precious memories before they fade away.

Pictures, slides, and videos are great for remembering the great times in your life. Baby births, family vacations, birthday parties, first day at school, weddings - these are the most important times of our lives. We will cherish these moments forever. We take pictures and videos to commemorate these wonderful times. Photo recovery

Over time photos and videos (especially VHS tapes) can fade away. The quality can diminish and the photos and tapes can become worn and damaged, or even destroyed. If this goes on for too long, you can lose the photos or tapes completely.

This is where Denevi Digital Imaging can help. With years and years of experience and highly professional staff and technology, Denevi can preserve your memories and transfer the photos, slides, or videos to newer and better formats like CDs and DVDs so you can remember your experiences for the decades to come.

Here is a list of some of the services that Denevi Digital Imaging provides: VHS to DVD conversion, photo recovery, photo restoration, movie film transfer, slide scanning, photos and negatives to CDs or DVDs, video tributes (memorials/graduations), digital image recovery, tape repair, family photo albums, and more!

The process of preserving your files is simple. Gather all the photos/DVDs/slides that you want to convert and mail them to Denevi's headquarters in California. Then Denevi will contact you and plan out what you want them to do for each of your items (you can also place the order online and message them then). Pricing for each service is transparent and affordable. It is definitely worth the time and effort to keep your memories for many more years. So go gather your stuff and contact Denevi today!