The Secret to Hollywood Hair

Viatek Launches HAIRPRO Concealor


Viatek Launches HAIRPRO Concealer

The secret that Hollywood actors, actresses, professional athletes, and entertainers have kept under wraps is now available to the public thanks to Viatek Consumer Products Group and LA Labs. Create an all natural look and feel of a full head of hair within seconds with HAIRPRO Concealer.

What makes the HAIRPRO Concealer so special, is the natural keratin filament made to resemble real hair, is intertwined with the consumers own hair to create volume and all-over coverage. In as little as thirty seconds consumers can experience the wonders of thicker and fuller hair in the comfort of their own home.

HAIRPRO Concealer is durable, colorfast, and remains undetectable! Consumers can feel comfortable and confident knowing that their “secret” will not be revealed.  A
thicker, fuller head of hair is just one easy application away.

Removal of HAIRPRO Concealer is just as easy as the application. Consumers can easily remove the keratin fibers by simply taking a shower and shampooing their hair.

Whether you are a man or a woman, embarrassing hair loss is no longer an issue. HAIRPRO Concealer instantly eliminates the appearance of
thinning hair.


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