Viewfinity Helps Organizations Increase the Number of Standard Users Without Interrupting Productivity

Waltham, MA – MAY 7, 2012 -- Viewfinity (, the innovator of privilege management solutions, is featured in the May issue of Windows IT Pro in a review of the Viewfinity Privilege Management solution.  A key objective of the Viewfinity solution is to help increase the number of standard users without interrupting productivity.

Rux reviewed the GPO Editor and SaaS editions of Privilege Management and noted its seamless integration with Windows 7, pointing out that the SaaS edition shines for mobile workforce and found the GPO Editor edition to be responsive and easy to use.  He also called out a fundamental challenge for all IT Administrators in the fact that one simply doesn't have time to research and write a policy for every single application that users might want to use so advanced levels of automation must be available to remove the burden by automating many of the steps needed to setup policies to manage privileges.  The review describes Viewfinity’s Policy Automation feature that silently gathers information, based on user activity, and monitors which applications, processes, and administrative actions will require administrative permission. 

Recognizing common challenges IT administrators encounter with software deployment, permission policy, time management and supporting end user requirements, reviewer Eric B. Rux stated that, “Viewfinity Privilege Management takes the work out of discovering the permissions that each application needs to function correctly. It also gives you the option of letting users install software on their own, while you still maintain control -- all from an easy-to-manage console.”

Rux also noted Viewfinity's time-saving Policy Automation capabilities, explaining, "What makes Policy Automation extremely powerful is that the Viewfinity client agent sends all the data needed to create a policy for the requested application back to the management console. You simply right-click the event (e.g., a user attempted to set the date and time), choose Create Policy, and follow a wizard's instructions."

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 About Viewfinity

Viewfinity provides privilege management and application control for desktops, laptops and servers, empowering enterprises to meet compliance mandates, reduce security risks, and lower IT costs. The Viewfinity solution allows enterprises to control end user and privileged user rights for applications and systems which require elevated permissions. Viewfinity’s flexible granular-level control enables companies to establish and enforce consistent policies for least privilege Windows-based environments based on segregation of duties.  For more information, visit