North Jersey Public Relations Firm Produces Groundbreaking TV Ad on Marriage Equality

Vision Media Marketing Supports Rothman for Congress Campaign with Innovative Strategy

Vision Media Marketing Inc., a full-service North Jersey public relations and media consulting firm, today announced it has produced the first known television commercial using the issue of marriage equality for an incumbent member of Congress.    

The advertisement, a positive spot titled “Our Values,” highlights Congressman Steve Rothman’s support of marriage equality in a heated primary race in New Jersey’s newly configured Ninth Congressional District. It shows two women caring for a child with the captions “First” and “Marriage Equality” scrolling across the screen. It can be seen by following this link.

Paul Swibinski, President of Vision Media Marketing and Chief Strategist for the Rothman re-election campaign, said, “Congressman Rothman believes in fundamental human rights and is willing to step up to defend them. This commercial showcases Steve’s commitment to progressive values, and we believe it will help him achieve victory in June.”

Swibinski went on to note that Vision Media Marketing is used to being in the forefront of political advertising innovation. The company recently received extensive news coverage for a “hip-hop” themed advertisement produced for North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco, who won reelection with 83 percent of the vote. It is also pioneering SEO and social media techniques for its corporate clients after achieving its own #1 Google ranking for “North Jersey public relations” and related keywords. And Vision Media specializes in lampooning national political figures to drive home hard-hitting messages through humor.

Swibinski concluded, “We are proud of all the attention we are getting for ‘Our Values,’ and we believe it could make a real difference in the Rothman race. But our emphasis on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking helps all our clients beat the competition, whatever their field of endeavor.” 

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About Vision Media Marketing

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