Waste Management Invites Carlsbad Residents to Select New Trash, Recycling and Green Waste Carts by May 4.

Carlsbad — April 17, 2012 — In preparation for automated trash and recycling collection services coming to the City of Carlsbad this summer, Waste Management invites residents to begin their new cart size selection for trash, recycling and green waste carts.  Residents should expect a mailer this week with instructions on how to make their cart selection, which includes the option to choose from three different cart sizes.

“We encourage residents to respond promptly with their desired cart sizes if they prefer a smaller cart than the default cart size,” said Bill Bixler, district manager of Waste Management. “Residents who focus on recycling and can use the smallest cart size for trash service will enjoy a lower monthly bill.”

Service rates are based on the size of the trash cart and selection highlights include the following:

  • All carts come in three sizes of 35, 64 and 96 gallons.  Trash carts have grey lids, recycling carts have blue lids and green waste carts have green lids. 
  • Residents who plan to reduce their household waste and choose a 35-gallon trash cart instead of the standard 96-gallon cart will have the incentive of a reduced monthly trash fee of $18.02 instead of the standard $19.90.  Regardless of which size trash cart is selected, residents will have a choice of 35, 64 or 96 gallon recycling and green waste carts.  The rate is determined by the size of the trash cart.
  • Residents can get up to three recycling carts and three green waste carts for free. Any additional carts will cost an extra $2.24 per cart each month.

City residents are being asked to make their selections by May 4, either by returning the pre-paid Cart Selection Card via mail or by making their selection online at http://northcounty.wm.com. This website includes all of the cart selection information and allows residents to make a selection at their convenience.

Residents may learn more by attending an informational meeting at the City of Carlsbad on April 25, 2012 from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at:

1635 Faraday Ave

Room 173 A-B

Single family home residents wishing to use the 96-gallon cart size for trash, recycling and green waste do not need to respond, as these sizes will be distributed as the default size.  For residents who may rent or lease their home from a landlord, or own their home, but pay their trash fee through an HOA or property management company should contact the responsible party to discuss their options. Those unable to make their selection by May 4 will still have an opportunity to swap out sizes at no charge, but the exchanges will not occur until after the initial distribution of carts is completed.

Residents may keep the old recycling crates or leave them at the curb for Waste Management to recycle free of charge the week following cart delivery. Waste Management will also distribute special “Take Me” stickers with the new carts to be placed on old trash cans to be left at the curb for permanent removal.

About Waste Management

As North America’s largest provider of waste and environmental services, Waste Management is on a quest for environmental performance, to maximize resource value and minimize environmental impact. Waste is a valuable resource. Waste Management takes innovative steps to maximize and recover the resource that is in waste. To learn more information about Waste Management visit      http://northcounty.wm.com or www.thinkgreen.com.