Telling Time the Old-Fashioned Way with Sundials from the Cape Cod Weathervane Company


Sundial is an instrument showing time by the shadow of a pointer cast by the sun onto a plate marked with hours of the day.


Thousands of years ago, Sundial was invented to determine the time. An experiment and observation led to an invention. Many might not be aware of Sundials yet. Life has now become easy with varieties of watches that flood the markets. However, if you read the history of sundials, you will be amazed by this simple yet thoughtful invention.


Usage of sundials is not yet out of fashion. On the contrary it’s making a comeback. There are only few ways to use a Sundial. Say for instance, as a show-piece or for your garden or timekeeper. But these are enough reasons to have a Sundial. There are two types of sundials – horizontal and vertical. The horizontal sundials are usually placed in the backyard and gardens. Available in abundance, these add beauty to your place. Vertical sundials are placed on walls; like our new-age watches. There are portable and equatorial sundials too. The equatorial sundials are simplest to create and easy to visualize. The portable sundials combine a compass and a dial with a neat technique and are portable.


Decorate your garden/landscape/backyard with Sundials. Sundials may not sound practical but it can be used as a decoration. If placed neatly and in the center with full daylight, a sundial will not disappoint you as a timekeeper. You can also cover it with plastic or glass to maintain a sundial. Keeping it clean is the only maintenance. Sundials can be used for gifting purposes. People love collecting antiques; and in today’s world where everything is recycled and reused, sundials can be a striking gift.


Yes; choosing a sundial can be a complicated task. So avoid buying it online. Choose a right size sundial. A pedestal will add sense of fashion provided a right size is chosen. Sundials are old-fashioned yet very appealing. And using them can only bring beauty to the place. 


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