Roots Fourth Element of Perfection

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Pays Homage to 5 Biking Elements

The fourth installment in the 5-part Whistler Mountain Bike Park's Elements of Perfection video series is now live.

[ROOTS] You are the veins of the forest. You grip the ground with gnarled fingers and lay wooden foundation for tall trees and the trails that snake between them. Within you, the lifeblood of the timber flows. Without you, the woods and the singletrack they host would fall. So thank you. Thank you for letting me ride all over you. Thank you for unpredictable descents and tire-gripping climbs. For teaching me to brake with subtlety, to stay fluid in movement. Thank you for weaving your unique puzzle across the face of the trail. Thank you for the challenge of navigating your lines, and for providing footholds when I can't. Thank you for building this grand temple of fir and cedar. For fiber, water and foliage. For natural surfaces. For wild textures. For keeping mountain biking true to its past. For bringing together others just like me to worship you in this kick-ass place. At once, you are everything to me, but just one small part of my favourite bike park in the world.

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The perfect ride. It's that slightly elusive and constantly changing state of nirvana that we all keep chasing. This year, we've decided to pay homage to some of those elements that come together here to make up that perfect ride. Dirt. Rock. Roots. Air. And a bit of Soul thrown in the mix to help it stick. Throughout the season, we'll be launching a five-part video series that'll showcase each element along with what some of the rippingest riders at Whistler are doing with them