The Martin Yale Mark VII: A Print Shop's Dream

The Martin Yale Mark VII friction-fed folder is the answer to all of your high volume folding projects.

Replacing the Martin Yale 959, the Martin Yale Mark VII High Speed AutoFolder is a friction-fed folder with new and improved folding capabilities.  Perfect for print shops, churches and mail rooms where high volume folding is always in high demand, the Mark VII has a continuous feed system with a manual adjust sheet separator.  The manual paper guide and skew adjustment guarantees accuracy for every folding project.  Simply adjust the paper size to the appropriate measurements and you’ll be ready to begin folding.  Fill the feed tray with up to 350 sheets of 20-lb bond paper at a time.  This high capacity feed tray decreases the amount of times you must come back and refill the tray during each project.  You can also manually feed up to 5 sheets of paper at a time.  Overall this folder handles a range of paper weights, from 16-lb bond to 80-lb index.  The versatile Mark VII also accepts a wide range of paper sizes, from 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" to 14" x 20".  Clearly the Mark VII is known for its high capacity and flexibility.  But just how fast is this folder?  Processing at a rate of 35,000 sheets in one hour, speed and efficiency will never be an issue.  Want to speed up or slow down your folding project? A variable speed control located on the top of the folder allows you to regulate how fast your sheets are processed. The second knob lets you adjust speed for the exit conveyor.  Worried you may lose track of how many sheets you’ve folded?  The LED counter provides the user with a crystal clear and easy to read fold count to ensure you never lose track of your work.    
This AutoFolder produces almost all of the classic fold types, including letter, half, Z, double-parallel, engineering, and church.  By calibrating the gap between the rollers, the Mark VII can accommodate a variety of paper thicknesses and accepts coated, laser, and copier paper.  This separates the Mark VII from other folders, which will only accept copier paper.  The jam handle located on the side of the folder makes removing paper jams a breeze.  As a safety precaution, this jam handle will disengage and not move while the folder is being operated.  The all-metal and rugged design of the Mark VII proves its durability and longevity.  High volume companies value the fact that this machine will not wear and tear after a few months.  Rather, this machine will last through all of your high volume and stressful folding jobs.  Weighing in at 108 lbs., the Martin Yale Mark VII will take up a fair amount of space in its operating position with 50.5” W x 23.5” D x 19.25” H dimensions.  The Martin Yale Mark VII comes with optional removable cartridges for perforating and scoring for customized fold jobs.  If you are looking for a paper folder that will last for years and maintain incredible productivity, then you can not go wrong with the Martin Yale Mark VII folder.