Matthew E. Alleyne - The Toot Guy Makes a Move to Improve Online Branding with new Professional Branding Community

Matthew E. Alleyne - The Toot Guy has embraced the new professional branding community of WikiToot to help refine their online presence - starting with a new optimized profile.

01-Mar-2011, Skjeberg, NORWAY (WikiToot Media) - Matthew E. Alleyne - The Toot Guy has just launched a new leg of their branding campaign to improve visibility online and refine their overall presence on the web. As a new member of Wikitoot, Matthew E. Alleyne - The Toot Guy hopes to make people more aware of their overall message by taking advantage of the optimization and improved search presence offered by WikiToot.

Excerpt from Matthew E. Alleyne - The Toot Guy's profile
Best-selling author Matthew E. Alleyne strives to push the envelope on personal branding with the creation of the new personal branding community WikiToot.

"I've discovered that my purpose is to use what I have learned over the years as a serial entrepreneur to help others reach their goals. It is my mission to empower others - whether they are struggling with personal or professional milestones - to finally hit the mark. Finally, it's my desire to work with professionals in a way that they ultimately go above and beyond meeting their own expectations."

About the Member
Matthew E. Alleyne is a 20 year veteran serial entrepreneur that's born of a fiery spirit - the kind that makes businesses and success happen. His most successful endeavor has been Rocka Furniture but by no means is his success limited to that business.

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About WikiToot
WikiToot is a personal and professional branding community built for individuals and business owners that need a central hub for online branding. Those involved can unify their online branding to help position the best professional content within the search engines. For more information on taking control of your online brand, visit

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