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Every resource on branding is a valuable one to many, and new members get to take advantage of a free resource when signing up

Skjeberg, NORWAY (WikiToot Media)- Branding isn't a simple task, especially in the online market. With competitors trying to dominate the search results and individuals as well as businesses struggling with getting a head amidst negative reviews it's a wonder that anyone can manage a positive branding experience online., in an effort to support the branding experience of their new members, is giving away a free eBook "Searching for .ME". The concept behind the book is that there are people - be they clients, managers, recruiters, etc. - for information about you on the web. The eBook aims to help the reader develop a strong branding presence online so that if someone comes looking, you're ready with the best information across a variety of sites.

"Searching for .ME" is written by best-selling author Matthew E. Alleyne, who stated that he is intent on sharing what knowledge he can with new members to ensure they are successful in their attempts to improve their brand online.

"No one should have to struggle when it comes to branding. It may not be easy but it doesn't have to be possible. It just takes the right strategy to get things moving - with this eBook we lay that out and offer tips on how to really push influence and guide your brand image online."

This 18 page eBook, free to any new member at, lists numerous tips for branding including the top 4 cues/takeaways that we learn from corporations that have been around the professional branding block more than once.

"Something I emphasize in this eBook is that branding isn't about just optimizing a single website and letting it all ride. One of the most important sections within `Searching for .ME' specifically details the other sites that can be used to help influence and better control your online brand - that's really vital to the success of online branding." States Matthew.

That's certainly a step in the right direction for new users; you don't get those kinds of goods from sites like Facebook & Twitter.

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