New Professional Branding Community Launches - Offers a Simplified Branding Experience Online

There are a lot of branding networks on the web, but few offer a community like the new WikiToot to simplify the branding process

Skjeberg, NORWAY (WikiToot Media)- Those who do attempt to influence and control their brand online are faced with a lot of hurdles because of the difficult in delivering a unified message across all of these profiles. It can be daunting, but a new website is aiming to simplify the branding process., a new personal and professional branding community that launched on Feb 18th 2011, is providing users with an optimized profile to act as a central hub - where traffic from all social media profiles can land in order to deliver a unified message.

The idea behind WikiToot is that users can self-promote in a way that other websites don't permit or don't allow space for. Wikipedia for example offers no self-promotion within their business listings. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn give some space for branding but that space can be rather limited without some extensive customization.

This new community will provide a full profile with a number of additional resources to support the content within - including resources to help members "toot their own horn".

Founder of WikiToot, Matthew E. Alleyne stated "It's too easy for negative comments to affect a brand online, and it's extremely difficult to have a positive influence on a brand for the average person - especially if there are negative content pieces taking over the search results."

Matthew went on to speak about the need for a unified system that allows users to not only put their best foot forward and toot their own horn, but to optimize their profiles so they appear first within the search engines.

"By optimizing the content, this detailed profile can be setup to grab attention over anything else when people start searching for your personal or business name - even your target keywords" Matthew E Alleyne stated "This new service provides a place for everyone - business or individual - to funnel their traffic from other sites so that everyone within a target audience is seeing the same personal or business information".

For those that have a difficult time writing about themselves - as many of us do - WikiToot offers professional copywriting services to help get users started with the perfect optimized profile. The community is open to both individuals and businesses to sign up, create a profile, and start self-promoting.

About WikiToot
WikiToot is a personal and professional branding community built for individuals and business owners that need a central hub for online branding. Those involved can unify their online branding to help position the best professional content within the search engines. For more information on taking control of your online brand, visit
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