Professional Branding Community Announces New Custom URL Shortener

Members of the WikiToot branding community will have exclusive access to their own Toot.ME URL Shortener

Skjeberg, NORWAY (WikiToot Media)- What do you do when you want to promote a web page, product, article, video or personal item online when the URL is too long to share?

You use the Toot.ME URL shortener

URL shorteners are nothing new - they've been around the web for several years now, gaining popularity and steam with the advent of Twitter and it's limited character space for sending Tweets. It was necessary to cut a lengthy URL down to size in order to stuff it into a short tweet. Those shorteners can take even a 2000 character URL (yikes) and shrink it down to less than a dozen characters.

The downside to most free URL shorteners is that the link doesn't speak directly to what you're pointing to - it's a jumble of letters & numbers. aims to change that. is a resource being provided to new members of the WikiToot professional branding community. It allows members to generate a custom shortened URL for self-promotion.
"I considered bundling existing URL shorteners in with the service, but they didn't provide the dashboard that I wanted. They had limited stat tracking and their free versions didn't let you generate a custom URL that made sense. I can't see asking members to pay an additional cost for custom short URL's so we started programming the system." Said Matthew E. Alleyne, Founder of WikiToot.

But why the name?

Matthew Alleyne, AKA The "Toot" Guy, elaborated "Our branding network is all about tooting your own horn. It's the embodiment of personal and professional branding. You toot your own horn with and it becomes easier to share your profile, articles, blog posts, videos, etc. People also know they can trust a link because it not just another URL shortener that anyone can use"

The URL Shortener is immediately available to new members of the branding community along with a variety of other resources.

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