WikiToot Leaks New Branding Model - Professional Branding Community Offers Something Not Available Anywhere Else

When it comes time to brand yourself on the web, a new community is giving you all the tools to take control of your niche and online brand

Skjeberg, NORWAY (ThunderBay Media)- Every single social media site on the web, every FlickR account, every blog post, article and video offers something to your personal or professional brand. Each of these sites has to be managed separately, and when someone lands on them they learn a little bit more about who you are or what your business does.

Where do they go, however, once they finish reading? Where do you send them?

Most people funnel a user back to a website that's ready to sell them something, but is that where you want people to go? What if you're not selling something - where do you send them to? What page of your blog or personal site?, a new professional branding community, has the perfect answer to all of those questions: Send the traffic to your central branding hub.

WikiToot founder Matthew E. Alleyne explained to us what that meant - "A central hub for branding is where you send all your traffic. A visitor or reader might not be ready to buy yet, and they may not want to be launched into the middle of an individual blog. A detailed and optimized profile however can act as the landing page for all of your social accounts"

He went on to detail how each social media profile offers limited info - like a Twitter account. Those profiles can be linked to an optimized WikiToot profile that's built on deep information and positive branding as you "toot your own horn".
But why not send traffic right to a website? Can't that act as a central hub?

Matthew states "A website is great, but there's something different about social profiles and community hubs. They're public and that makes people comfortable - they're more likely to stay and read. Facebook started the trend by making social sharing cool. We add to that with Wikitoot. Now branding is cool, and funneling traffic to your branding profile is the next best thing to a clean resume"

Will this type of service be successful? Other sites are already trying. LinkedIn has seen a lot of traffic in recent years as the network continues to grow. Members generate simple profiles and interact with communities but WikiToot is quick to state that they're not a social network. They're all about self-promotion and tooting your own horn. "Not sharing pictures, applications, games and other distractions."

Matthew also emphasized that WikiToot is not a replacement for social networks where branding can take place. Instead it is a central hub and those sites should be used continuously to supplement branding efforts - ultimately sending interested traffic to a central location like WikiToot.

To learn more about the Central Hub experience and tooting your own horn, head over to to review the services and resources available to members.

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