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Fiori Restaurant now grows its own herbs and veggies using advanced 'hydro table' system

Fiori Restaurant grows its own
Fiori Restaurant grows its own
  • Fiori Restaurant grows its own
    Fiori Restaurant grows its own
    Fiori Restaurant grows its own
    Fiori Restaurant grows its own


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GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. – Handmade foods and locally grown ingredients have been a way of kitchen life at Fiori Restaurant since opening its doors in Great Barrington in 2011. Now, Chef Alex Feldman’s newest source-garden couldn’t be any closer – it’s just below the kitchen in which he cooks every day.

Using “hydro tables” supplied by Shire Organic and Hydroponic Supply of Castle Street, also in Great Barrington, Fiori’s owners Chef Alex and General Manager/Sommelier Matthew Feldman are now growing their own cooking ingredients including arugula lettuce and herbs such as basil, sage, and rosemary.

“One of our missions is to use homemade, authentic ingredients whenever possible,” says Matthew Feldman. “This allows us to add even more fresh ingredients to our repertoire using new, sustainable technology to help us.”

Fiori's hydroponic system consists of two 3x6-foot flood trays and one 50-gallon reservoir, which contain water and nutrients that are pumped on a timed cycle into the trays where the plants are contained.

According to Rob Rollick, manager and co-owner of Shire Organic and Hydroponic Supply, this system maximizes the usage of water. And given that every part of the system is reusable, he says, it provides “tremendous benefits for the restaurant, the customer, and the environment.”

Fiori Restaurant will begin using the homegrown vegetables and herbs this summer, supplemented by the locally grown ingredients they are already serving up.

For more information about HydroFarm and General Organics products and growing processes, visit Shire Organic and Hydroponic Supply online at www.Shireorganic.com. To learn more about Fiori Restaurant, visit http://fiorirestaurant.com/ or call (413) 528-0351.


About Fiori Restaurant

Fiori restaurant was founded in 2011 by brothers Alexander and Matthew Feldman, and specializes in handcrafted and authentic Northern Italian cuisine, featuring house-made selections of bread, cheeses, pasta, and gelato, an International wine list, and inventive cocktails. Fiori is open year-round, offering seasonal dining choices to residents and visitors alike, always with a focus on bringing the tastes and traditions of Italy to each table.