Using Facebook To Find & Fix Customer Complaints

How One Dallas Company Launches Next-Gen Call Center

A Dallas firm launches "Customer Engagement 2.0" by training customer service reps to scan social media and start conversations.

Some HR experts even predict 'customer service by social media' will be the norm in a matter of years. Business leaders are experimenting with social media agents who handle Facebook, Twitter and more. One Dallas company is at the forefront of the change. By using high-tech web-scanning tools to monitor bloggers, YouTubers and Facebookers, Working Solutions' home-based customer engagement agents have the opportunity to answer questions or handle angry clients who want to vent.

In business since 1996, Working Solutions' provides more than 70,000 home-based customer service agents, trained to be proactive problem-solvers, to corporate clients who want to improve customer contact and reduce their costs. With agents monitoring up to 180 million unique websites and blogs looking for pertinent corporate names or terms, this service is a win-win for clients who also get a guarantee they will achieve an 8-14% increase in ROI while meeting or improving current service levels - or Working Solutions will make up the difference!

Tim Houlne, President of Working Solutions, adds: "A lot of companies are monitoring these platforms, but not many are responding to the mentions. We think this service is really the future of customer engagement. Companies need to find the conversations most important to the brand, and engage. Ignorance is not an option." Working Solutions uses third-party software to monitor web traffic, but trains home-based customer service agents to respond. Although the majority of the work is still done over the phone, Houlne predicts that percentage will drop to less than 50% in the next five years. "It's the evolution of customer engagement," says Houlne.

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