Dave Grounds on Being Customer-Centric

Dorn Homes's President and CEO Dave Grounds shares how his company spoils their customers.

Home is where the heart is. Its most important feature is not the elegant interior or the state-of-the-art architecture, but the people who live in it. That is why as an Arizona luxury home builder, Dorn Homes sees to it that every project we take on is customer-centric.

Dave Grounds, Dorn Homes President and CEO, believes that Dorn Homes rises above other AZ new home builders because our homes “have a soul.” We construct new homes in Tucson, Prescott, Tubac, Green Valley and other parts of South Arizona with their future owners in mind. Yes, that means YOU.

In each aspect of the construction process, our customers’ preferences always come first. Every homeowner is different and we design each of our new semi-custom built Arizona homes to fit each customer’s lifestyle—whether you are retiring, starting a new family or moving up to Arizona. These new Arizona homes are more than just square boxes that we build over and over. Our goal is to make homes that will make your jaw drop the moment you see it! Dorn Homes wants to make you feel truly at home.

Dorn Homes is one of the oldest home builders in America. Apart from the awards that we have garnered through the years, our long list of satisfied customers is one of the major proofs of the quality service that we provide. Most of our homeowners were referred by other customers that realized building their dream homes through our company.

As a luxury home builder in Arizona, we want customers like you to be truly involved in making their dream home. The design layouts and fixtures in new construction homes in Tucson, new homes in South Arizona and other prime locations are easy to customize to fit your needs and budget. We want the construction process to be a pleasurable experience for you. The Dorn Homes customer service is unmatched by other home builders in Tucson. You can reach us anytime as we make sure that our communication lines are always open. You can even monitor the progress of your home construction through our website.

Our business is more than just about constructing properties. Dorn Homes is also about establishing a strong builder-customer relationship and together we can build your dream home.