Digital Signage Solutions by SCT Australia

SCT creates Digital Signage to change the way traditional businesses engage with their customers.

Square Circle Triangle, a creative digital agency providing strategic and state-of-the-art Digital Media marketing, is now offering Digital Signage Solutions in Australia that allows physical retail stores an all-in-1 access to their store's digital displays to update their websites, email marketing materials, and other mobile marketing properties.

Traditional physical retail stores have begun revolutionizing the world of e-Commerce by developing technology which enables them to track inventory, measure sales by the minute, and monitor other competitive vendors. With technology creating retail revolution,Digital Signage is now one of the tools for online retail stores to manage and measure their customers across multiple digital channels.

With how the modern customer's behavior is changing, savvy consumers are expecting more from their retail experience. They want to be more attracted, informed at the same time, and entertained – with the help of Digital Signage, every online retailer can promote their in-store purchases but also encourage their customers to take the retail experience with them as they leave the store.

SCT's Digital Signage in Australia utilises the Blocks content management system to allow for quick, seamless updates, as well as the ability to either broadcast updates once to any number of devices or custom update each device with localised content.

Digital Signage Advertising helps physical retail stores assist their customers with in-store purchases, update their product's prices anytime, anywhere they prefer, they also have the benefit to gamify their retail environment, and easily share their online store's content from screen to screen. Digital Signage also provides the store's target customers with interaction by letting them create their own wish list and have it sent via SMS. The world of e-Commerce has been greatly successful because of Digital Media's immense contribution for its growing popularity and demand from the customers.

SCT will provide you a Digital Signage Software that is expected to create a huge expansion in the sales of your retail market. It will work through a network Internet connection to deliver rich media content to digital displays, allowing users to strategically target audiences in specific locations from a central control center to any display across the globe.

SCT also provides Search Engine Optimisation where they research for the most popular and most competitive keywords used by people when browsing for their preferred sites. SCT utilises their skills with design and customer experiences to give content delivery system that has created a solution for dynamic, client-managed content creation with multi-channel distribution – a world-first for retail markets.

SCT creates Digital Media and Digital Signage that is bound to change the way traditional businesses engage with their customers.

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SCT creates Digital Signage to change the way traditional businesses engage with their customers.
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