FunGuy Studio Launches Free Propeller Dog App

The creative minds behind Recipe Mania have done it again. The top game development company in the Philippines, FunGuy Studio, recently released Propeller Dog: Attack of the Evil Squirrels.

The game’s storyline is simple yet very engaging. Your mission is to help Propeller Dog protect the earth from Evil Squirrels, but our dog hero was caught unprepared and has little fuel left in his plane. The challenge is to help him fly as far as possible by snatching up more fuel along the way. Avoid the squirrels and other hostile objects, and collect coins while you’re at it. Despite its seemingly predictable plot, the game packs in a few surprises that makes playtime even more exciting. With its snazzy graphics and easy-to-follow game instructions, you will surely find yourself tapping away for hours.

It’s not just adults who are bound to get hooked on the game. Propeller Dog: Attack of the Evil Squirrels is guaranteed to win the hearts of little ones as well. After all, it’s not hard to like the goofy-looking dog flying around in a propeller plane. Aside from keeping restless tykes entertained during traffic or when waiting in long lines, the game can help improve kids’ hand-to-eye coordination skills. Best of all, parents can download the game without forking over a penny. The lite version is free to download from the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, and iPad or Apple touchscreen devices that run on iOS 4.2 and above.

Propeller Dog: Attack of the Evil Squirrels is yet another fun offering from FunGuy Studio, a game design and development company that specializes in online and mobile applications. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and has its development team based in Manila, Philippines.

FunGuy Studio champions the Filipino talent and ingenuity in developing fun and engaging games. It focuses on casual massively multiplayer online (MMO) games by creating a platform for high-quality games and premium content through subscription, free-to-play, and micro-transaction models. Its extensive portfolio includes virtual worlds, websites, flash games, iOS games, and other applications. Propeller Dog: Attack of the Evil Squirrels is the latest addition to the game studio’s growing list of excellent and highly addicting games.

FunGuy Studio fans are definitely in for a treat with this new iOS game. Propeller Dog: Attack of the Evil Squirrels is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours on end. It’s challenging and entertaining, making it the perfect stress reliever or something to keep you busy during idle periods. It comes with a huge serving of fun, so you’re sure to enjoy every minute of the game. Download the game and get playing today!