SqwishLand goes social with SqwishLaunch Pad

The popular kid-friendly virtual world, SqwishLand.com, launched an exciting in-game dashboard that gives players a new and convenient way to interact with other players and navigate through the game's features.

SqwishLaunch Pad

The SqwishLaunch Pad is a cool new feature that welcomes players by keeping them up-to-date with the latest happenings in their favorite virtual world.

Users see who among their SqwishLand Buddies are leveling up
Players get updates on their buddies' Quest progress
Users' photos are shared with their SqwishLand Buddies
Buddy list shows who's online
Users get notifications for new Buddy requests
Dashboard features the latest SqwishLand news and updates
Icons give users instant access to game features
And many more Sqwishtastic surprises!

A new and more comprehensive profile page is also included in the SqwishLaunch Pad. The profile page displays the user's items, photos, and each pet SqwishLander's levels with a Feed button.

SqwishLand Checklist

The online world of SqwishLand.com is based on the popular toy craze-the soft n' squishy pencil toppers in toy capsules called SqwishLanders. With hundreds of SqwishLand toy designs ranging from Regular to Ultra Rare that kids can collect, SqwishLand has added a new feature in the in-game SqwishGallery that allows users to tick the SqwishLanders that they already have in their collection. The SqwishGallery provides a complete list of all SqwishLander designs, making it easy for collectors to keep track of their toys.

The SqwishLand toys come to life in the online game where players can raise them as virtual pets. Each toy comes with a SqwishCode that serves as an entry pass in the virtual world. When a SqwishCode is first entered in the game, players will get a 30-day free Premium Membership. The succeeding SqwishCodes entered can then be used to redeem the virtual cash called Sqwash, and to unlock fun new bonuses like costumes for their avatar, homes, and more.

SqwishLand.com is absolutely free for everyone. Users can subscribe to a Premium Membership that gives them access to more areas and to play more minigames, helping them to level up faster in the game. Together with their virtual SqwishLander pets, players can interact with one another and join the community activities to win Sqwash and cool prizes.

SqwishLand is developed by SqwishLand LLC, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company develops SqwishLand in three ecosystems, offline (physical goods), online (virtual world, online gaming, Facebook and YouTube) and mobile (iTunes Apps and Android). It is the first truly integrated toy and entertainment line for kids aged 6 to 13. The online game, SqwishLand.com, is designed and managed by the SqwishLand team in Manila, Philippines.