Tips for Collecting Military Models

What every model airplane hobbyist should know.

Military models can be any replica of vehicle; tanks, warplanes, helicopter and other armaments used basically by the military and are made from either plastic or wood. These models are generally collected by aviation enthusiasts for advertisements and exhibition purposes.

But what if someone is just starting to discover this hobby and doesn't know the basic information? Read on and we'll let you in on some tips for collecting military memorabilia.

Choose a specific model - Decide on a particular model you really want to have - a WWII plane? A vintage car? Maybe a jet model? Whatever you're interested in, don't hesitate to do a little research on military models to help you pick a category and narrow it down to a model name.

Know the classes - After choosing a specific model, you then have to take a look at different types of scale replicas. There are generally two types: out of the box and customized models.

Out of the box replica - this type includes a construction kit with complete instruction manual to help you build your own model. It has every bits and pieces that you have to attached and put together to construct your military model. Hobbyist often found this activity very rewarding and enjoyable.

Customized replica - customized military models are (most of the time) pre-ordered from the supplier. They are also hand carved and hand painted by expert hands. Because of these, they are more detailed and are meticulously made. However, these models are more expensive than your normal model kits.

Consider the scale - The size of the models is important since they are most likely to be displayed. Assign a place beforehand then look for a model that'll fit and is right for that platform. The best thing about customized models is that craftsmen can make them as small or as large according to your specification.

Buy from a trusted company - Do not be easily deceived by online stores popping and claiming they are the best. Look for customer testimonies, read on the company's background and check their credibility. You want to invest into something worthy of your time and money. One company we have found very helpful is, which has been around since 1988.

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