ViceAge Entertainment's Creators - Committed to Make Their Gamers as Happy as Ever!

In an age where mobile gaming has made an impact in our everyday life, slowly, gamers from different continents are now feeling a different

Instead of playing games, some passionate individuals are now starting to develop their own games – just like game enthusiasts and married couple, Miguel and Nicole Syjuco, who have moved on to a different course from simply playing the game to making the game itself.

“We saw the greatness and great flaws of the game. But as a fan, we couldn't really change anything about it. So we finally said to ourselves, 'why be a fan when we can have millions of fans instead?'”, Miguel and Nicole said in an interview. This passionate couple are the founders and creators of the newest Philippine-based publishing company known as ViceAge Entertainment, and are now preparing for the release of their upcoming iOS game app called SchoolVille. The couple is determined to become the biggest game publisher in the continent that creates fun, casual games.

Our match made in heaven couple did what every game creator has done, but only exceeded it. They started creating the concept of ViceAge Entertainment by first listening to other gamers' sentiments about the improvements they want to see with mobile game apps; what innovations do games need for players to not grow tired of playing? Indeed, Miguel and Nicole are not just looking for ways to make big profit but they value their gaming company as much as they value their gamers.

To turn their dream as the most in-demand gaming publishers into reality, they thought of a formula on how to catch the gamers' attention –  to create fun games with a heart that gamers will play because they have grown to love it! No wonder, ViceAge Entertainment has already gained a lot of fans and supporters even though their first iOS game app is yet to be launched.

With all the love they are getting from their supporters all over the world, Miguel and Nicole are more than thrilled and inspired to continue making more features for SchoolVille – a School Mania game app where you can build your own virtual school, hire your own staff, and upgrade your own facilities to become a multi-billionaire school owner.

With ViceAge Entertainment's passion and commitment to make the best downloadable games straight to your iOS and Android phones, who wouldn't be their fan?  And for sure, you are as curious as the other fans watching out for SchoolVille's release so be sure to stay updated!