AACS Presentation Day: Seniors Will Present Practicums to Faculty, Peers, and Parents

The AACS Practicum Marks the Final Component in Meeting Graduation Requirements

Annapolis Area Christian School (AACS) seniors will mark a major milestone in their upper school academic achievement this Friday, May 18.   Years of academic and biblical learning in the classroom provided the foundation for seniors in a self-directed, self-initiated research  and reflection project that is packaged into a portfolio and a final presentation.

The final presentation will be orally delivered to a 3-member board of evaluators composed of faculty, community members, or professionals in their field of study.  Referred to as the AACS Senior Practicum, Presentation Day begins at 8:00 am and ends when the last bell rings at 3:05 pm.  By that time, more than 100 thirty-minute presentations will have been evaluated and AACS seniors will have completed their capstone project, fulfilling their final graduation requirement.  In addition to the board of evaluators, underclassmen and parents are invited to sit in on the presentations and Q&A sessions throughout the day. 

“The practicum experience is unique in that it requires AACS students to articulate how a Christian would view a particular topic,” said AACS Upper School Principal Jane Brown. “Similar to a dissertation or college thesis, the portfolio and presentations represent a student’s personal account of years of learning and finding solutions to real world challenges. In the spirit of where one journey ends another one begins, at AACS we find it important that as a student fulfills this last upper school academic requirement, he or she demonstrates a readiness and preparedness for what college professors will be expecting,” she added.

The AACS Practicum is the culmination of work that essentially begins at the end of a student’s junior year -- when a topic of personal interest is chosen, and research and hands-on learning begins through participation in activities such as junior job shadow day.   As students work with advisors and mentors through the practicum experience they prepare for competent service in the world by matching their interests with their abilities and skills, in order to explore future options in life from a Christian perspective. 

The practicum includes a portfolio composed of a proposal that provides a challenge and solution; a research paper; and the project presentation.  A question and answer period is offered at the culmination of the student’s presentation to reference their mastery of their chosen topic.

AACS seniors will graduate on May 24 at 7:00 pm. at the Kilby Athletic Center, AACS Upper School.