Meeting a Strict Recovery Time Objective (RTO) -

Cut restoration time from hours to seconds


Author: Jeff Bell, Director of Marketing, Zetta

The whole point of backup is being able to recover data quickly. A Cloud Storage and Data Protection 2010 survey by Zetta found that 10 percent of organizations had a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of less than an hour and another 34 percent  had RTOs between one and four hours.

Of course, having a tight RTO and meeting it are two different issues. The same survey found that only 35 percent of the companies were meeting their RTO consistently (75-100 percent  of the time). 38 percent were failing to meet their RTO even half the time.

However, there is a huge difference between meeting RTOs for companies that use cloud-based disaster recovery vs. those who do not. In October 2010, Aberdeen Group surveyed more than 100 organizations and found that those using cloud storage hit their RTOs 100 percent of the time, while the others only met their slightly looser objective 80 percent of the time. The gap was even greater when looking at the average length of downtime per event: 8.0 hours for those without cloud storage vs. just 2.1 hours for those using cloud storage.

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