In Nod to Earth Day Online Store Encourages A Green and Healthy Planet for Our Children by Starting With Organic Baby Clothes

Avoid the environmental damage to Mother Earth and the health hazards to our children involved in non-organic products. Embrace the advantages of organic baby clothes.

April 15, 2010 On Earth Day make a pledge to contribute to the health of the planet and your children by choosing organic baby clothing. By making the organic choice consumers can avoid the environmental degradation caused by non-organic farming techniques. Organic cotton clothing is not only eco friendly but a much healthier choice for your infants.

"The reasons for purchasing organic baby clothes are clear," says Ed Mass, Founder and President of Yes It's Organic. You are doing your part to make the planet green when using organic products and those that can directly touch your baby's health are so very crucial. Making yours an organic baby is a logical choice. Non-organic cotton production is one of the highest users of insecticides. The fibers are often laden with harmful, toxic chemicals. During the manufacturing process, non-organic textiles use toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and other known carcinogens and skin irritants.

Ed Mass adds, "Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Whatever it absorbs may get into your bloodstream and internal organs. And may include the chemicals retained in textiles." Babies and infants are particularly susceptible to the chemicals absorbed in non-organic and synthetic clothing in their early years. They are very sensitive to environmental factors and can develop severe allergic reactions to the chemicals and products they are exposed to. That is why more parents are choosing organic cotton clothing for their tender infants and toddlers.

Organic cotton is soft, comfortable and healthy. All a good choice for your precious infants. Make your baby an organic clothing baby. Choose organic cotton clothing.

Ed Mass is President and Founder of Yes It's Organic ( and Green Logo World ( Yes It's Organic is an online store for Organic, Fair Labor, and Eco Friendly Green clothing including women's organic clothing, men's organic clothing, and organic baby clothes, organic bedding, organic sheets, organic towels, and sustainable bamboo furniture. Green Logo World offers organic logo embroidered shirts, imprinted shirts and other promotional apparel for organizations wanting to improve their environmental footprint.

Both stores' mission is to promote the growth of organic and eco friendly production from farming through manufacturing, along with Fair Labor practices, and to provide healthy living for people and a healthy environment for the planet. Please contact us at or 800-455-4508 for more information.