Online Organic and Eco Friendly Store Announces New Hemp Clothing Division

Yes It's Organic, an online store, only offers organic and eco friendly products. Adding hemp clothing, from the naturally pest-resistant renewable and sustainable crop, was a natural fit. Hemp clothes are hypoallergenic, comfortable and stylish.

Yes It's Organic, is an online store featuring only organic and eco friendly textiles. Therefore, their recent addition of hemp clothing and accessories was a natural fit.

"I knew I had to add more hemp products to my inventory because it's naturally eco friendly," says Ed Mass, Founder and President of Yes It's Organic, "and that's what we're about. We only carry organic and eco friendly items, ensuring our products meet high standards of environmental sensitivity and also beneficial health properties." Yes It's Organic's sustainability policies and definitions can be found in the Certifications Expectations section of the store.

According to the North American Industrial Hemp Council, hemp fibers are stronger, more absorbent and more mildew-resistant than cotton. Naturally resistant to most pests and out-competing weeds, it typically doesn't require pesticides or herbicides to grow.

Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years. Hemp fabric is incredibly versatile. It wicks away moisture keeping the body dry and cool in warm climates. And it also naturally insulates the body in cooler climates.

One of hemp's greatest properties is that it's naturally antibacterial. That means it's resistant to developing odors as quickly as other fabrics do. Hemp clothes can be worn many days or even a week without developing odors. This has the added benefit of reducing washing and water consumption. Reducing washing also means clothes last longer due to less wear from washing.

Due to hemp's high cellulose content, it is up to four times stronger than cotton making it an incredibly durable product. It's grown without pesticides or herbicides and isn't subjected to harmful chemicals during production.

How does hemp clothing fair for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (mcs)? Mass says, "Hemp is a great choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic and therefore non-irritating to the skin." They also don't have to fear their skin absorbing cancer causing toxins while wearing their clothes since the farming and manufacturing processes are also eco friendly.

Mass says that he is impressed with the quality he sees in his new products. His customers are, too. "One customer wrote about his hemp denim jeans. He wore them on a trip to somewhere very hot and was impressed with how comfortable he remained, because the jeans breathed so well. Then he wore them in his hometown where temperatures were down in the 40's and said he was perfectly warm in the jeans." This real life experience speaks to the great capacity of hemp fabric to both breathe and insulate.

It is evident that hemp fabric has great environmental and personal health qualities. When asked about next steps for Yes It's Organics' hemp inventory, Ed Mass said, "I am very excited about the new shirts, jeans, and other items we've recently added to the store and I hope to keep growing this section of the store."

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