SolarNexus Launches Beta Version of Software to Improve Solar Business Management

Web application makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to manufacture, sell and install solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the SolarNexus system understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eli

LOS ANGELES, (Solar Power International, Booth 2930)-October 12, 2010: SolarNexus Inc., an emerging provider of software solutions that accelerate the installation of solar power systems, has released its initial version of the SolarNexus system. Now available in beta, SolarNexus is a free, web-based solar business management solution designed specifically for companies that install solar systems or provide related products and services.

SolarNexus enables solar installers and contractors to manage and expedite their installations, enabling them to take on more projects and complete them at a lower cost. Furthermore, by lowering the cost of these installations, installers are able to pass on some of these savings to consumers, thereby increasing broader adoption of solar technology.

Designed by experts with deep understanding of the inefficiencies and communications challenges that complicate and delay the completion of solar installation projects, SolarNexus acts as an expert project manager that captures and manages the intricacies of selling and deploying solar projects, optimizing business performance on solar projects across the entire project lifecycle. SolarNexus enables installers to complete jobs faster, increasing revenue for both installers and suppliers of products and services. It also provides a competitive advantage compared to installers that use spreadsheets, notebooks, and email to track project progress.

Unlike narrowly focused point solutions and ad-hoc manual processes-often the tools of the trade for solar installers-SolarNexus is an online system designed specifically for the solar industry. Using the software, installers follow standard processes and use industry best practices as they specify and design solar systems for customers. SolarNexus automatically maintains and updates product and component listings, current utility rates, and rebate information, all of which are currently managed manually. Automation of these and other tasks simplifies solar project management from the time leads are acquired through to installation and long-term support of the system.

Eric Alderman, president and CEO of SolarNexus, is confident this new solution will enhance the operational efficiency of installers that use it: "Solar contractors are experiencing margin erosion on their sales as they compete for residential and light commercial solar installation business against larger, better-financed companies. The SolarNexus solution will streamline business operations for solar contractors and help them to grow profitable businesses in this increasingly competitive sector."

"Until now, we've been running our business on data stored in multiple locations. To say the least, this strategy is time-consuming and error-prone, especially when basic customer and site information is replicated across different databases," said Shawn Murphy, PE, senior engineer at Solar Technologies - a successful installer based in Santa Cruz, California. "SolarNexus provides a single platform that everyone in the company can use, and a structure to quote, design and support our systems."

The SolarNexus platform includes purpose-designed tools for every stage of a solar installation project. Key features include:
 Single point of data entry, minimizing redundancy and errors
 Tracking of milestones, allowing standard workflow and ability to share project status with team members
 Centralized data storage for documents like quotes, system configurations, contracts, as-built diagrams, permit approvals, Solmetric SunEye data files, etc.
 The ability to quickly generate multiple, customized proposals and contracts
 A simple interface to easily capture and design around site survey details
 A company catalog containing just the products an installer uses, and providing central control within the company for costing and pricing.

SolarNexus is currently offering solar system installers access to the beta version of the SolarNexus platform, with free access for up to 10 users. Companies that wish to add more than 10 users should contact SolarNexus for further information. To sign up for SolarNexus, visit:

About SolarNexus
SolarNexus Inc. provides software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to install, manufacture, and sell solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members. SolarNexus is completely Web-based and is free to installers for up to 10 users. SolarNexus is a Cleantech Open 2009 semifinalist. For more information and to get a free account, visit and follow us on Twitter at @solarnexusinc.