New Video Explains How Zlien Gets Contractors And Suppliers Paid On Every Construction Project

Announcing a new video published by Zlien that explains its services for contractors, suppliers and others in the construction industry.

"What if you never had to worry about getting paid on a construction project again?" asks a new video published by Zlien this week. 

The thought isn't an unreasonable one, even though the construction market can be violatile and credit poor. Companies that protect their mechanics lien rights increase its ability to collect its accounts receivables exponentially.  In fact, argues Scott Wolfe, CEO of Zlien, "it can eliminate your bad debts completely."

The problem, unfortunately, is that the mechanics lien laws are hyper complex, changing drastically depending on the project's state, the project type and even the role or tier of the claimant.  So, the newly released video poses another question: "How do you utilize the mechanics lien laws to get paid if they are so complex."

That's where Zlien comes in.

Zlien's system and service has revolutionized mechanics lien filings and compliance in the United States, completely demystifying the layers of regulations. Any contractor, regardless of size or sophistication, can determine its project's mechanics lien compliance issues in seconds with Zlien, and then electronically have Zlien satisfy those requirements.

The new video is the first in a series of videos that Zlien plans to release over the coming months. 

"Throughout the next year, Zlien will be producing and releasing a series of web videos that both explain our service and the mechanics lien laws and requirements to users," reports Jennifer Smiley, cheif operating office of the organization.  The company is poised to release a Vimeo Pro Portfolio page in the coming weeks.

The new Zlien video highlights two of the company's most popular services. First, filing a mechanics lien document through its smart online LienWizard, and second, allowing companies to completely outsource mechanics lien compliance through its Enterprise Services.

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